Strange and Unusual
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Minimum Order OF COMBINED ITEMS IS: $100.00 

Email us with any questions or requests.

We have many to choose from....

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Items 1-60    Items 61-120    Items 121-180

Arkansas Scepter w/base

Item# UM-121


Good Tabbie Point

Almost a Twin

Item# UM-122


Re-healed DT

Shiny, clear and beautiful


Item# UM-123


Fantastic DOW


5" x 1.5"

Item# UM-124


DT/ET w/tabby DT 

extra nice

Item# UM-125


All DTs,

Stacked on each other

Item# UM-126


2.25" x 1.75"

Super good penetrator

from bottom and out

 the top

Item# UM-127



Center point w/great

clear Inner Child Crystal,


Item# UM-128


Channelling Crystal

Item# UM-129


Shiny Double Terminate

Tabby on Cluster

Item# UM-130


Super nice Blue Tinted


Item# UM-131


100% natural

Rare Piece

Item# UM-132




Super Piece, Fluorite inclusion

Quartz Sand Finish

All Natural

9" x 2.5"

Item# UM-133


3 natural points, broke and

rehealed in the same way

and from the same pocket

Item# UM-134


4" x 2"

Shiny w/large penetrator

Item# UM-135


5"l x 2.25"w

Twin point w/DT

completely penetrating

Item# UM-136


Growth Interference Crystal

Twin Crystal or Tantric Twin

Item# UM-137


Super Double Terminate


Clear & Shiney with Rainbow

Item# UM-138


Perfect, CHEAP point

Light yellow tint

Item# UM-139


Shiny point, inclusions

Penetrator, Super nice

Item# UM-140



Arkansas Sceptor

Super nice, shiny

Extra Faces



Great DT in between points

Item# UM-142


DT w/super nice sand


Item# UM-143


Extra nice clusters

Item# UM-144


Major Penetrator, look

@ mid way down on right

10" x 5"

Item# UM-145


Phantom Crystal

Super Nice

Item# UM-146


Super nice DT Cluster


Item# UM-147


Great square back cluster

w/2 long double terminates

Item# UM-148


Doube Terminate Tabby Point

 Extra Points Going Both

 Ways on Opposite Sides

Item# UM-149


3.75" long 

Tip nick

Item# UM-150


Tabby, re-healed

w/lots of inclusions

Item# UM-151


Arkansas sceptor at its

finest w/DT penetrator

Item# UM-152


Fantastic Tabby

Super Shiny and

Super Clear

Item# UM-153


Tabby DT/ET

Nice w/ lots of extras

Item# UM-154


Nice Double Terminate

Item# UM-155


3" x 1"

Golden Healer/Large Timelink

Item# UM-156


1.25" x 2.25"

Super nice growth

interceptor, clean & shiny

Item# UM-157


Super nice

Long points and good tips

Item# UM-158


Nice clear shiny

Japanese Law Twin

Item# UM-159


Water clear with

2 DTs

Item# UM-160


Long clear point

3 blades of ???

Item# UM-161


Nice Arkansas Sceptor



Speaks for Itself

Item# UM-163


Clear & Shiny Tabular

Crystal Point

Item# UM-164


Two Clear DT

 with more DT's attached

Item# UM-165


7" x 3.75"

Arkansas Blue Phantoms


Item# UM-166


Super dt/et w/lots of


Item# UM-167


Wedge point DT w/sharp tip

on opposite end plus water

clear point to boot!!

Item# UM-168


3" x 1.25"

Extra clear, large timelink

Item# UM-169


Super nice cluster with many

timeline links and sand


Item# UM-170


Nice pair of double terminates

Item# UM-171


Stack of DTs

Super nice and shiny

Item# UM-172



Super penetrator w/nice


Item# UM-173


Super Water Clear Cluster

No Matrix, Special Piece

Item# UM-174


Great DT ET on small cluster

Item# UM-175


Shiny Shiny Shiny

DT with cross

Item# UM-176


Super nice  clear and shiny

DT on a base

Item# UM-177


2 pcs, both with Nice

Clear Windows

Item# UM-178


Natural Arkansas Smokey

cluster w/adularia crystals

Item# UM-179



super super super!!!!

Item# UM-180


Items 1-60    Items 61-120    Items 121-180