Jim's Special Picks
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335 lbs 34" Tall x 17" Wide

Large McEarl Point

 Mined in 1979

Item# Jim-1















333 lbs 34" Tall x 15" Wide

 Large McEarl Point

 Mined in 1979

Item# Jim-2


300 lbs 19.5" Tall x 15" Wide

Large Old Mine Point

 The Point is 25" Long.

 Mined in the Mid 70's

 Natrual Nick on Tip

Item# Jim-3



163 lbs 21" x 25" x 20"

Large McEarl Cluster

Super Nice Specimen

 Mined in 1986

Item# Jim-4


335 lbs 17" x 35" x 27"

Large McEarl Cluster

Mined in 1986

 With Some Natural Damage

 on Two Large Points

Item# Jim-5


Large McEarl Burr

 Doesn't Get Any Better

 Natural Red Tint.

 Picture A Shows Just One Side

 of This Great Piece.

 Item# Jim-6A

206 lbs 17" x 36" x 16"

 Picture B Shows a Top View

 with the Massive Natural

 Large Double Terminate.

 Mined in 1982.

Item# Jim-6B


294 lbs 19" x 36" x 20"

Large McEarl Cluster

 Blue Granite Base, Mined in 1982

 All the Main Points are Perfect

 Entire Cluster is 99% Perfect

Item# Jim-7


256 lbs 25" x 19" x 36"

Large McEarl Cluster

 Mined in 1986

 99% Perfect

 In Arkansas When The Points

 Get Larger They Are

 Not As Clear

Item# Jim-8


397 lbs 10" x 52" x 33"

Large Old Mine Cluster

 97% Perfect

 The White "L" In The Middle

 Of The Cluster Are Shards

 That Drifted Down In

 The Pocket And Formed To

 The Cluster

Item# Jim-9













147 lbs 24" x 11"

Super Nice Large Point

 Shiny Streak on Top of Point

 Is a Reflection

Item# Jim-10














 157 lbs  24" x 12"

Great Master Point

 Center Point

 Extra Nice Point With Lots

 Of Great Inclusions

Item# Jim-11












171 lbs 28" x 13"

Natural Super Large Point Super Nice and Clean

Item# Jim-12













106 lbs 23" x 10"

 Super Nice Large



 This Piece Is Clearer Than

 The Picture Shows

Item# Jim-13













250 lbs 27" x 15"

Great Large Point With Super Great Inclusions All The Red Colors Are Internal Inclusions

Item# Jim-14













332 lbs 27" x 21"

Super Nice Extra Large Point

 Light Shows The Clear

 Inside The Point

 Great Tip

Item# Jim-15













363 lbs 29" x 19"

Great Inclusions

 Super Nice Extra Large Point

 With Lots Of Clear

Item# Jim-16













141 lbs 23" x 11"

Large Specimen

 Two Points in Together

 With Lots Of Clear

 Also Super Shiny

Item# Jim-17













162 lbs 18" x 16"

Large Super Great Natural Smokey

 With Super, Natural Inclusions

Item# Jim-18













128 lbs 23" x 12"

Beautiful Large Center Point

 With Lots of Natural Inclusions

 Clear & Shiny


Item# Jim-19












92 lbs 18" x 10"

Clear, Large, Super Great


 With Wild Inclusions

Item# Jim-20













110 lbs 20" x 13"

Beautiful Large Center Point

 With Extra Side Point

 Lots Of Clear and Super Shiny

 The Small Side Point Has Been

 Broken, But All Of The Pieces Are

 There Can Be Glued If Desired

 The Tip Is Perfect

Item# Jim-21













174 lbs 28" x 13"

Large Very Nice Large Point

 It HAs Lots of Shine

 and Lots of Clear

 The Light Behind The Point Is

 The Glare You See in The Picture

Item# Jim-22













37 lbs 17" x 6.25"

Wow! Fantastic Large, Clear

 Center Point. Look At How Much

 You See Through This Piece

 And It Still has Lots of Inclusions

 Great Piece!!

Item# Jim-23













47 lbs 11.5" x 9"

Large Master Crystal/Master Point,

 Has Lots Of Clear And

 A Fantastic Array of Inclusions

And It is a Center Point, Too!

Item# Jim-24













19 lbs 10" x 6.5"

This Large Clear Top Point

 Is In Super Condition.

 And LOOK at the


Item# Jim-25













44 lbs 25.25" x 6.75"

Double Extra Long Point

 With LOTS Of Inclusions,

 Or Wafer Inside.

And Lots Of Small Points

 Growing Inside (Groing Into The

 Point Instead Of Growing Out)

 RARE! Much Clearer Than Shown

Item# Jim-26













 8 lbs x 7.5" x 4.25"

Large Center Point,


 With Nice Inclusions,

 Speaks For Itself

Item# Jim-27
















 12 lbs x 7.25" x 6.5"

Item# Jim-28













22 lbs 11.5" x 6"



With Super Great Inclusions

Item# Jim-29













44 lbs 11.5" x 8.75"

This Point Is A Natural Smokey,



Item# Jim-30





Items 1-30     Item 31-44