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Our mine is located 350 Big Hole Rd, Jessieville, AR 71949 (Colemanís Miller Mountain Mine) just follow the signs.

If you can't make it to our mine, let us send some of the mine

to you.  Click here to learn more

Colemanís Rock Shop & Crystal Mines gives you, and your family and your school classes the opportunity to dig and keep quartz crystals that you can only find in Arkansas

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed, but all pets must be kept on a 6 foot leash & under control, at all times. 

What are your hours?

 We are open 7 days a week 8am - Dusk year round, except Christmas Day.  Our mine is worked everyday that the weather allows, and there is plenty to mine on the bad weather days also.

 What will I find?

 We only mine the clear and white quartz crystal.  You can also expect to find some interesting pieces with Adularia and Calcite.

 Can I go into the actual pit and watch the miners?

 Federal Safety Laws prohibits anyone except employees into the actual pit.  You will be able to go through the loads, which are brought up by dump trucks and front-end loaders. 

 What does it cost?

 The fee is $10 + tax per day for age 10 to adults, Free for children 9 and under. There are no additional charges, which means you keep all you find with no extra fees Note all school groups, church groups and scout groups are tax exempt!! This is the law.

 Is there a guarantee?

 We are the only mine, that we know of, that Guarantees you will find Quartz Crystals or your money back.

 What clothes should I wear and what should I bring?

 Wear old clothes and old shoes or boots, you will get dirty from red clay.

 You are welcome to bring any digging tools you like & something to put your findings in. If you do not have tools, we sell at cost, a 3-prong hand garden tool for $3.00 each.

 When is the best time to come?

 Collecting is wise any time after rain. The temperature is best from March thru November and most years, all year around.

 What accommodations are available?

 Friendly caretakers to get you started and assist you in all forms of your concerns.

 Public restrooms.

There is also the Village Inn located 1 mile from our retail shop, Colemanís Rock Shop.  The phone number there is 1-888-922-9601 or 501-922-9600.

At the mine we also have bagged ice, snacks, and drinks.

We also sell the Oxalic Acid, for cleaning your crystals, with instructions at the Mine and Colemanís Rock Shop, too.

 Where are you located?

 We are located 16 miles North of Hot Springs, Arkansas on Highway 7 North.  Coming from Hot Springs you will come through a signal light at Hot Springs Village.  From there, in 1 mile you will see Coleman's Rock Shop on the left hand side of the highway. 

Coming from the North, Russellville for example, when you pass the town of Jessieville (the school is all you will see) watch for Coleman's Rock Shop on the right hand side of Highway 7, in about 2 miles.