Strange and Unusual
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Minimum Order OF COMBINED ITEMS IS: $100.00 

Email us with any questions or requests.

We have many to choose from....

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Items 1-60    Items 61-120    Items 121-180

Arkansas Scepter w/time link

to past.  Great One!

Item# UM-61


Bridge Crystal, Inner Child

Crystal or Penetrator. 

Sticks out on both sides

Perfectly clear & Shiny

Item# UM-62


Blue inclusion

Clear and Shiny

Item# UM-63


Long Clear Super Nice Piece

 Base covered with DTs

Item# UM-64


2 Super Good Shards

Clear and Shiny

Item# UM-65


Great Stack of

 Double Terminate Tabbies

Item# UM-66


DTs on DT

Nothing but DTs!!

Item# UM-67


Large Inclusion

Item# UM-68


Great Tabby DT

Item# UM-69


Round dot inclusions??

Natural Yellow

Item# UM-70


Major Time Link, water clear

super shiney

Item# UM-71


Point is not perfect

but good , with a penetrator

Item# UM-72


Super penetrator in natural

smokey, polished point

Item# UM-73


Double white phantom



Major Scepter

Item# UM-75


Citrine Quartz Point with

Major Adularia Growth,

and Mica

5.5" x 2"

Item# UM-76



DT Cross

Clear and Shiney

Item# UM-77


Super color honey quartz

slight nick on top

Item# UM-78


Super double terminate

extra good phantom in

one end

Item# UM-79 


Super long clear shiny Arkansas,

twin point

Item# UM-80


2" lx 1-1/8" w

Penetrator is 1.75" long


Item# UM-81


Nice DT with Hitchhikers

Item# UM-82



Item# UM-83


Key Crystal

w/White Phantom

Item# UM-84


Nice cluster with adularia

and Iceland Spur

Item# UM-85


Clear point w/super nice


Item# UM-86


DT/ET lots of them

are formed together

Item# UM-87


White phantom with inclusions

all Arkansas natural

phantom better than photo

Item# UM-88


Tabbies everywhere

and shiny

Item# UM-89


Free standing quartz burr,

Great Condition

Item# UM-90


4.25" x 1"

Multiple Penetrators

Clear & Shiny

Item# UM-91


Two Double Terminate

 with Growth Interference

Item# UM-92


3.5" x 1.75"

Super Nice

Item# UM-93



through and through

Item# UM-94


Shiny and clear

w/lots of extras

Item# UM-95


Super cluster

w/great DT

Item# UM-96


4.25" x 2" w

3 DT/ET formed

together, No Matrix

Good condition

Item# UM-97


Lots of Double Terminates

 on top of Double Terminates

Item# UM-98


Both points penetrated


Collector piece

Item# UM-99


Super clear and shiny

Time line to past

Item# UM-100


Green inclusion phantom

Item# UM-101


Dark smokey w/rare

white adularia

Item# UM-102


Super, Super Great Shard

Really nice piece

Item# UM-103




alot inside & alot out side
5" x 2.5"

Item# UM-104


Water clear

Rehealed DTs

Item# UM-105


3" l x 1.25" w

Multi-pointed DT's on both

ends w/ lots of hitchhikers

Item# UM-106


Double White Phantoms

Item# UM-107


Double Terminate Stuckon

 Double Terminate

Clear & Shiney

Item# UM-108


Sand phantom cluster

Item# UM-109


Blue Phantoms

Item# UM-110


Nice points with

multiple incusions

Item# UM-111


DT Cross

Water Clear

Item# UM-112


Perfect pt w/cluster on top

Item# UM-113


Super Nice Display Piece

Item# UM-114


Major Key Crystal &

and a really good point

Item# UM-115


3.25" x 1.25"

Perfect condition

w/Major Penetrator

Item# UM-116


Nice tabby burre

Item# UM-117


Water Clear Double DT's

Item# UM-118


Double Terminates on

Double Terminates

Item# UM-119


Large clear

Elestial Crystal Shard

Item# UM-120


Items 1-60    Items 61-120    Items 121-180